Mary E. and Dol Rozar Ashworth

Verna was able to provide us with the a page from the law suit concerning Mary E. and Dol Rozar Ashworth.

Mary Rozar and Dol Rozar AshworthInteresting that they are listed in this section as Dol Rozar Ashworth. I have found a newspaper article listing a Dol Rozar living in Paw Paw Township near Sallisaw , Oklahoma in the 1920’s. Also found Mary Rozar living in the same area. Could it be this couple? Could be. Not definitively but certainly seems likely.

Dol Rozar

Still researching…like always.

2 thoughts on “Mary E. and Dol Rozar Ashworth

  1. Yvonne, just saw this article. First time I’ve seen this name anywhere outside of the lawsuit. Based on the context, it seems Dol was a male as I’ve suspected, but have been unsure. So, looks as if Dol and Mary were a couple. This will give me a place to look.

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