The Sarah “Sallie” Ashworth Mystery

Hello all,

I hope you’ve found this page easily. If you are a reader of my blog for my Jacques/Jaques/Archuleta posts, you are welcome to stay and read further but I’ve created this page to collaborate with others to try and solve some of the Ashworth mystery. Sarah “Sallie” Ashworth is my Grandma Flora’s grandmother. This will be an attempt to put together the information we know, discuss what we might be able to find and added documents and pictures.  I am adding a photograph of Willa Adkins, her daughter, as I do not have a photograph of Sarah.

Willa Adkins and Henry Carter Burgess

I think Verna, another Ashworth descendant, had a wonderful idea.  I think we should address the list of people who were included as Henderson Ashworth’s heirs and how they might relate to Henderson Ashworth.  I am adding the information given to me by my grandmother. I was given everything my grandmother ever wrote about her family so I will upload as we go.

On the list of heirs for Henderson Ashworth were Flora (Grandma), Ovola (her sister) Henry Carter Burgess (their dad), Richard Adkins (their grandfather).

Now for the first clue:

Verna said, “Now, the Orlanda Belle Griffin mentioned in Winfree as an heir of Henderson, was also named Smith. Born in 1868 in Texas, married a Black, then a Griffin. Died 1 April 1940 in McCurtain Co, Oklahoma.

So I think that is where we should start, for now. Let’s see what we can accomplish.

16 thoughts on “The Sarah “Sallie” Ashworth Mystery

  1. Here is the list of Henderson’s heirs mentioned in Winfree:

    M. E. Rozor (elsewhere in suit as Mary E Rozar)
    Dol Rozor (elsewhere in suit as Dol Rozar Ashworth)
    Buck Gleason
    W E Orgain
    Y D Carroll
    Thomas W Watts
    Hannah Pollock
    A D Pollock
    Bell Griffin
    F J Griffin
    Nat Adkins
    Richard Adkins
    Flora Hardin
    Charles J Hardin
    Ovala Burgess
    H C Burgess
    L H Dunn

    Of these, I have been able to trace only a few back to Henderson. Hannah Pollock was the wife of A D (Andrew David) Pollock. She is said to have been also known as Smith, though I’ve never seen confirmation. Hannah was a daughter of Henderson and Letitia Stewart Ashworth.

    Richard Adkins was the widowed husband of Sarah Ashworth, who is also said to have been also known as Smith. I haven’t seen any documentation for her Smith as well. Throughout Winfree, widowed spouses of heirs were included. Sarah was also a child of Henderson Ashworth. Nat Adkins was the only 1 of Richard and Sarah’s 5 children surviving at this time and he is included. It seems the only other child to have heirs was Willa/Cerwilla Adkins Burgess – deceased at this time, so her heirs were included. Her widowed husband, Henry Carter Burgess, and her 2 daughters, Flora Hardin (spouse Charles Jackson Hardin) and Ovala Burgess.

    I have had no luck in locating anyone anywhere who looks like Mary E and Dol Rozor. I believe them to be true heirs of Henderson, but L H Dunn, W E Orgain, Y D Carroll, and Thomas W Watts have proven to be lawyers, oil men, oil stock brokers, etc. Haven’t placed Buck Gleason, but think he’s one of this bunch, too.

    I have tracked down lots on Bell Griffin and she should be easy to connect, but it remains elusive. Her real name was Orlanda Belle Smith (there we are again with the Smith). She was born 28 Nov 1868 in Texas – too young to be a daughter of Henderson. She married J H Black 18 Aug 1888 in Grayson Co, Tx. They had 6 children and she remarried 13 Feb 1903 in Sevier Co, Ar to Francis James Cy Griffin. They had 2 children. She died 23 July 1948 and is buried in McCurtain Co, Ok.

    Unfortunately, the state of Oklahoma makes it practically impossible to obtain a death record even as early as 1848 without proving relationship. I can find no one online who seems to be a direct descendant. There are a couple of trees besides mine who have her, but seem to be descended from Francis James Cy Griffin through his first wife, not Belle.

    My theory is that Bell is the daughter of one of Henderson’s sons. Moses and William were both old enough to be her father. I believe Letitia Stewart wanted to protect her children from the horror of their father’s death and changed her name and theirs to Smith. Perhaps this was a second married name as she was a young woman when Henderson died.

  2. Hi Verna,

    So I have found one page of proof showing Hannah was using the name Joanna and the last name smith. I have placed it underneath this page so go over and look at that and as I gather more documents I will upload them. Also, I believe my grandmother put it in writing that she had used smith for a last name but I need to go through my paperwork. I think It would be great to get a copy of the death certificate for Hannah because she died in like 1949…we’ll find that document and see what she listed as her parents. Not sure about Bell Griffin but I will start looking toward that as well.


  3. you are writing about all my relatives. I’m trying to figure out who you are. T.S. Archuleta and Joesfine Jaquez were my grandparents.

    1. Nice to meet you. Celestino and To it a were my grandparents. Is your father Valentine? I haven’t been to Blanco since about 1996. I grew up knowing Donald Archuleta’s family so Deejo would vouch for me. Hope to get back to New Mexico soon. I want my kids to see that area…and eat there. If you are on Facebook you can find me there. Have a great day.

  4. Yvonne, Did you get a copy of Hannah Ashworth Pollock’s death record from The Ashworth Network on facebook? It gave Hannah’s father’s name as Henderson Smith which confirms the theory that Henderson survived the attempt on his life, changed his name to Smith and moved the family to Oklahoma. Still waiting on Orlanda Bell Griffin’s death record from Oklahoma – think I’m going to have to send another stack of documents to get it, though I told them to use the documents I sent for Hannah since they were sisters (probably/maybe).

    1. Thank you so much. I will pull a copy off of facebook and put it on here and get this updated. I will do that by this weekend. I am looking forward to the additional info for that Orlanda Bell Griffin…

      1. Thank you for that info. My biggest question is what Adheorth they belong to (specifically Henderson connection) always more questions. So do you have a Jaques-Archuleta connection?

  5. Here is a part of your mystery:

    “5. Mary Elizabeth Bailey, b. 23 Oct 1854, Walker Co., GA. Traveled with family to Sebastian Co., AR. Married UNK Rozar about 1874.

    Mary Bailey Rozar had two children: Adolphus “Dol” Rozar b. 13 Sept 1875 & Lillie Rozar b. 21 June 1877. Mary Bailey Rozar shows as a widow in 1900, Cherokee Nation:

    Mary Rozar 46/GA Widowed 2 children born/alive
    Adolphus 25/AR Son
    Lucinda Bailey 71/GA Mother 10 children/5 alive
    Horace Sora 25/AR Boarder

    Daughter Lillie Rozar had mar. William J. Gleason 24 Dec 1895 at Fort Smith and was living about one mile from her mother in Indian Territory, 1900.

    Mary Bailey Rozar is mentioned several times in the Muldrow Press newspaper 1910-20. She died 19 Jan 1928 and is bur. Paw Paw Cemetery near her brother, Thomas Wiley Bailey.”


    1. Ooohh…this is very interesting. They DID exist!!! The folks from this family who are mentioned in the Winfree suit are Mary E Rozar (the widow of the unknown Rozar or could Dol have married a Mary E?), Dol Rozar, and Buck Gleason (nickname for William J Gleason). Lillie is not mentioned as it appears she died before the suit. This has to be the family, but HOW were they heirs of Henderson Ashworth?! Mary was born in Georgia to the Bailey family – no connection possible there, yet 2 of her children (Dol and Buck – just an in-law, but widowed spouses of heirs were included in Winfree as well). The unknown Rozar she married has the be the common link to all of these heirs. WHO WAS HE!!!

      We know Henderson used an alias, but it was Smith, not Rozar. Were any of his children old enough to be the mother of this unknown Rozar? No, Mary was the age of most of his children, so the unknown Rozar would have probably been about her age. And, when listed in one action for Winfree, they were called Mary E Rozar and Dol Rozar Ashworth. He was claiming the name of Ashworth!

      So much to look into and now we have more to go on! Thanks!!

      1. Verna, I was on a trip so when I got that last comment I put it up. Glad you read that too and are working on it. I will look into it this week too. Great information!

  6. In The Court of Claims of the United States, Fannie Meek, Heir of Mary Bailey, Deceased vs The United States. Congressional No. 12039. Testimony before the Commissioners of Claims : Testimony of MARY E ROZAR: “I am a housekeeper, 56 years of age, and reside at Paw Paw, Oklahoma. I have no interest in the claim and am a cousin of Fannie Meek, the Claimant. I knew Mrs. Mary Bailey during her life time. She died in February 1887. During the Civil War, she lived in Walker County, Georgia. During the War, I lived a little over a mile from Mrs. Bailey. She was a widow at that time. Her family consisted of herself and one daughter. She owned the farm where she lived. Her husband’s name was Newt Ryan and I do not know whether or not he was in the War or on either side. Mrs. Bailey was known as a Union woman. She did not do anything to aid the Confederacy during the War. The Union soldiers were camped on her place and she always lent a willing hand for anything they wanted; she would cook and fix things for them. I do not know that I know of anything else that she did tending to show she was in favor of the Union. She had a reputation in the community of always being loyal to the Union and helping them in any way that she could. I do not know that I ever heard Mrs. Bailey say anything during the Civil War about not being in favor of the Union. The Union soldiers and the officers, while camped on Mrs. Bailey’s place, issued rations to her. I do not know of anything else that the soldiers did. CROSS EXAMINATION: I was born October 23, 1854 and was about 6 1/2 years old when the War began. I had a brother in the Confederate Army. I don’t remember what relatives Mrs. Bailey had in the Confederate Army. Mrs. Bailey got the name of Mrs. Bailey by just assuming her maiden name. Her father was dead and i can’t say whether or not her mother was dead at that time. Mr. Bailey, the father, had six children. They were in Walker County, Georgia, during the war. My father, Wiley Bailey, was not in the War and I don’t know but it strikes me that the others were not. I couldn’t tell you how old Wils and Whittier Baily were during the War.” // End of Deposition // Note: “Old Wils and Whittier” were brothers of Wiley Bailey, the father of Mary E. Bailey Rozar. More can be found at their FindaGrave memorials: Wilson Bailey: and William Whittier Bailey: as well as Wiley Bailey’s memorial: //

  7. Sarah sallie ashworth was my great great grandmother. Married to Richard Atkins. Slave to old man Weldon. Half creek half African American. Their daughter neoma nom Atkins, also with Creek status was my great grandmother. Married to Samuel Nathanial hooks, my great grandfather. Was sallie full black? I have questions!

    1. Hi there! I believe that there was a second Richard Atkins…it is a different Richard Atkins than mine (my Richard Adkins, spelled with a D, per a transcript of his testimony when he received his Indian status). The reason i believe they are not the same people is because if you read the transcript of his Muskogee Creek trial, he very clearly says he had five children, only two were alive at that time. The two alive children were LuWilla Adkins and his son Nat Adkins. This is very clear in his transcript. He was also 3/4 full blooded Indian. His grandfather, Ben Marshall, was half Creek Indian and half white. Now, I do believe that there was a Richard Atkins, that he was African and that he was married to a Sallie Atkins, who was also African American. I have seen the records for that Sallie Atkins and she does have a lot of children and I believe that they are also descendants of Tom Adkins, the same person. I can tell from the transcript our Sallie Adkins was white, Richard and Luwilla were both very clear that she was white. This is why I don’t believe they are the same person. But, I do think they both came from the same Thomas Adkins (I have found five different women that he fathered children with…and probably more.

      I will be glad to answer any questions that I can.

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