Henderson Ashworth newspaper article

Verna Thompson sent us some documents to assist in our search of the Ashworth descendant’s mystery.

Henderson Ashworth About to be Hanged - The_Times_Picayune_Tue__Jul_29__1856_ (1)So this article is nebulous about Henderson Ashworth’s fate.  Was he left hanging at the end of the rope or did he escape into the wild? I don’t have any evidence to say definitively.  Gut instinct? I think the fact that we find Letitia Ashworth in the 1860 census, living in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana and that she is working as a seamstress and that she lists herself as Mrs. Henderson Ashworth, as if she doesn’t want to forget who she was is a clue to Henderson not being in their life.  Also listed on this census are her children, Moses age 12, William age 10, Sarah age 8, Arthur, age 6 and Hannah age 4.  I think if Henderson were still alive, there is a chance Letitia would have had more children.  The Ancestry accounts of Letitia, her mother and most of her children show they died in 1860. I wonder if anyone has proof of these deaths. Lots of work to do.

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