Hannah/Joanna Ashworth/Smith


A.D.PollockHere is a copy of the Choctaw Indian application for Andrew D. Pollock. We have proof that his wife was Hannah Pollock. Hannah also went by Joanna (also Anna). This is the interview A.D. Pollock went through in 1903. He had been married to a Choctaw woman that had  passed away and was filing for his citizenship rights. Here is the next part of the interview.


As you can see, A.D. Pollock declares that he is currently married to Joanna Smith and that she is a white woman. I also thought how interesting that A.D. Pollock and Joanna Smith/Ashworth were married in 1873. Sarah Ashworth/Sallie Smith married Richard Adkins in 1873. They both lived in the Indian Territory until 1900 or so.

7 thoughts on “Hannah/Joanna Ashworth/Smith

  1. Thanks so much for the record. So, with these 2 girls being called Smith, it seems likely that Letitia remarried to a Smith.

    Now, Orlanda Bell Smith married in Sherman, Grayson County in 1888 and George W Scott tells in testimony for Richard Adkins’ application that he first met him in 1884 in Denison, Grayson County. Richard and Sarah were married by then, so perhaps were there with her family at that time.

    We can probably assume that all of Henderson’s children ended up being called Smith. Perhaps we can find a Smith connection to Mary E and Dol Rozor, too.

  2. I agree. It seems likely they ended up in Indian Territory (I believe that is where Richard Adkins and Sallie meet). I think they stayed in this area the entire time they were married. You said Mary E and Dol are mentioned in other parts of the law suit. Do you know why?

  3. All of the heirs are listed several times within the suit, not just the final judgement. M. E. Rozor and Dol Rozor are mentioned several times with just that spelling. However, on one paper, they are called Mary E Rozor and Dol Rozor Ashworth. They are stating that their is insufficient evidence against them and that they are not guilty. Since they did it together, I believe they are either a couple or siblings.

    Many of the heirs had some identifying data, such as where they were from. These guys have nothing except that they are heirs of Henderson.

    Can I attach any photos on here?

  4. Cool stuff, Lee Pollock (Son of AD and Hannah) is my great-great-great grandfather…..love seeing historical documents like these from my ancestors! I have a few pictures of AD and Hannah that my grandmother (Janice Smith Farrand — Daughter of June Pollock Smith) gave to me before she died if anyone is interested in seeing them.

    1. YES!!!!!! A thousand times yes, please. Love that you wrote me, I really appreciate it. So, what did you know about Hannah? Was there any fanfare when she was set to inherit? As you can see from the newspaper article, it was a big deal with my grandmother. But her own grandmother, Sallie, was already gone and had been so for 20 years. Did you know about the name change? Ok I will calm down now, but Nick, thanks for contacting us.

  5. Amen, from me, too! Would love to see photos of Hannah and Andrew.

    Do you have a death certificate for either of them? Oklahoma is very strict on releasing them for any reason – even the older ones for family history purposes. You have to be a direct descendant.

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