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I had someone say to me, “I’m trying to figure out who you are?” Lol. I never realized other people who might not know me would be reading this blog. So, if you don’t know me, my dad was Tim Jacques and my mother, Ruby Hardin Jacques. I am the youngest in a family of five and also the youngest grandchild of each of my grandparents. On the Jacques side, my grandfather was Celestino Jacques, my grandmother Tonita Jacques. My maternal grandfather, Charles J. Hardin and my maternal grandmother, Flora Burgess Hardin.

My obsession, if I must call it that (and I do), with ancestry research had its origins in my grandmother, Flora Burgess Hardin (True). I am grateful a 4th grade teacher asked for a family tree and my mom directed me to Grandma. The letter she wrote about her childhood had me enthralled. It fueled my research and I feel like I haven’t even touched the surface. As a young adult, after her initial letter, I went to Salt Lake City on a trip. I met up with a cousin of my mothers and went to the genealogy library to continue my research. I always felt sad for my grandmother, for growing up motherless and to discover a document with words that her mother spoke, meant so much to me because it would have meant the world to my grandmother and my mother. I was very fortunate that my father learned a lot about his history and to continue my research now affords me the chance to honor my past, continues to fill my present and promises our future generations will benefit for years to come.


Yvonne Jacques Bennett

P.S. Some of my family still call me Cookie – just so it doesn’t confuse anyone

62 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Would like to know more about you…My name is Lisa, I am a Juan Joseph Jaquez and Maria Rosa Villalpando decendant.

    1. Yvonne I haven’t had any luck sending you the photos that I said I wood , I have put them on my timeline on facebook Melvin R Bowman sr

    2. dear Lisa I am a descendant of Nazarena Vigil, a first cousin of Juan Nepomueno Jaquez. It seems that the descendants of her aunt Francisca Vigil are the Jaquez who migrated to the Farmington Blanco area. so all of you are related to me. I met some at a reunion that cousin Tom had here in San Luis years ago. Don’t know if you know that he is quite ill, living in Albuquerque on his own last time I heard. He developed severe diabetes and is blind. I saw him at a genealogy convention in Santa Fe a few years ago.

      1. Hi Maria, nice to meet you. Tom is my first cousin and such a bounty of information and he is always willing to share. I spoke to him about a month ago and he seemed to be getting along okay. I know he has had health challenges but he does love living in NM. His sister wanted him to move back to CA so she could help him but I don’t think he wanted to haha. Very independent. Anyway, I am very pleased to meet you. Every time I see the name Vigil, I think of my father saying, oh, they are related to us too! Have a great day


      2. Hi Maria! Thank you for reaching out! I would really like to stay in touch:) I have not made it to the Jacques Reunion yet, but hope to soon:) I am really interested in our family history and have learned so much from Yvonne Jacques-Bennett and from Tommy. I still have ALOT to learn, but love it:) If you have more info I would appreciate anything you would like to share! Most of my family (Jacques side) live in New Mexico…you can reach me at labarrett53@gmail.com…look forward to hearing from you:)

  2. FYI, Tonita was not a sibling. She was married to Valentine Archuleta. T.S. Archuleta only had 11 children.

    1. Hello, yes Tonita was Valentine’s wife. I have a great picture of them. When I say one of 12, my father always said both families had twelve children. Now, my own family (the Jacques side) had 12 children but only 9 grew to adulthood. Of those, only 8 had families (seems crazy to say ONLY 8, but yeah, only 8). I do believe the Archuleta family also had 12 children but I can reconfirm that with Aunt Henrietta.

    1. Oh no I am glad you asked. Just funny to me that i have people reading my blog that aren’t sure where I came from and when i re-read my description of myself i realized i hadn’t told who I was lol so thanks!

      1. John W first 4 children were born in Albany Mo the rest in Cabet Kansas, John W and Rutha graves are in Hornet Mo, John I and Cordilia are buried at forest park in Joplin Mo, Ora is buried at ozark memorial in Joplin mo, Frank moved from Joplin to Iowa in late 30s and then to Ca , his children were Margret Shelgren who was a wrighter of short stories, died in Ca. her brother Howard lived in Alberque was a tv engineer his wife lavola was president of arrp during the Clinton years. I will send any other enfo as I think of it. Take care Mel Bowman

  3. It looks like the note I sent yeaterday didn’t go threw, My dad was Melvin A Bowman my mother Marjore M Burgess daughter of Ora Lee Burgess and Lottie May Johns Burgess, Ora father was John I Burgess the brother Cart worked with I think I have a picture of Cart with Ora and John I my great grandparents were John I & Cordilla Compton Burgess. John I ran John I Burgess Transfer Co halled a lot of machinery that they also set. my granddad Ora ran the Co after John I died untill his death in 1935

    1. Good morning…thank you so much. I would love to see the pictures you have as i only have the one picture of john burgess and his wife rutha cox burgess. I really appreciate you sharing your info and i am so pleased to get to know you.

  4. I know I am a descendant of Benjamin Marshall born in 1800 in Nelson County, KY. He was the son or Mark Marshall whose father was John Marshall born in 1845 in MD. John was a Revolutionary War Soldier. Benjamin died in Warrick, County, IN.

    1. Hello, I am pleased to speak to you. My Benjamin Marshall came from Georgia originally and is half English and half Native American. He had two brothers James and Joseph and they were moved to Indian Terrirtory in 1836.

  5. Verna Thompson of The Ashworth Network facebook page now has evidence that Henderson Ashworth did not hang. He changed his name to Henderson Smith and moved to Ok. with his family. You should get in touch. we are attending the Ashworth Reunion in Pennington, Texas July 18, 2015. I am a Goins of the Bearhead, Singer, Louisiana variety. My Ashworth connection is Mary Polly Ashworth married to George Perkins. Two of their children, Salise and Isaac are my 2nd great grandparents. They both married Goins siblings.

    1. Good morning Marilyn, Thank you so much for the info. Verna has written to me too so I will update that info and I really appreciate you giving me a head’s up. I think that is what makes Ancestry Research such a cool thing…meeting people you wouldn’t have ordinarily met! Thanks again

  6. Hi, the Jaquez were related to me through Eusequio Jaquez and Francisca Vigil, his first wife. Their daughter Josefa married a Vialpando and the other daughter Victoria married a Trujillo. Their children migrated from San Acacio, CO to Blanco, NM area (San Juan country). Do you descend fromEusequio?

    1. Yes! Hi Maria, it is nice to meet you. We do descend from Eusequio. Who is your ancestor? My great grandfather was Juan Nepomuseno Jacques and his parents Jose Eusequio and Francisco Vigil. I have pictures of both Josefa and Victoria. I don’t think I can upload those to this comments area but I will upload it to a new page.

  7. Hi Yvonne! Lisa Barrett just shared your blog with me as I am also a descendant. My great grandpa is Longino Jacques and my grandpa is Ernest Jacques. I started reading this yesterday and I am so excited and floored that there is so much here for me to learn! I have been wanting to learn about out ancestry for so long and am thrilled to be abler to find so much! I am truly so thankful to all of you that have a hand in this. It is such a wonderful blessing! Thank you!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      I am very pleased to meet you. I just met Lisa about a year ago and it is so nice that we have such similar interests…lol…our combined histories. Anyway, glad you read and enjoyed it. I do a lot a different research (lots of my mom’s side) as the Jacques side is my dad’s side. As always, my research continues. If you think of something to add, feel free to let me know or look me up on Facebook. I am friends with Lisa there! Have a great day.


  8. Good Day Ancestry Angel, I just got off the phone with my Father In Law and your Benjamin Marshal sounds ALOT like my Father In Laws Benjamin Marshal relative. I’m sending this link to him now. Our Benjamin Marshal has african american lineage.

    1. Hello, nice to meet you. Could very well be the same. He had several offspring that were Native and some who were African. I am friends with a woman by the name of Lynette Harris and she is from an African American line. I always look forward to hearing of others who are also related and may have different information than what we have.


  9. Our library at SMU has obtained an Ancestry.com portal (library edition) for us to use, so I immediately starting looking for our Benjamin Marshall ancestry as my mother’s family always claimed. I am a descendant of Verna Benton, who you mentioned in the November 2014 story about Benjamin Marshall, Martha Marshall and their citizenship application. Thank you for this, it clarifies some of the confusion I had. We used some of the information a few years ago to obtain citizenship in the Chickasaw nation, your commentary helped piece together the story.

  10. Hi Yvonne, I believe my great grandmother Delfina Jacquez may be related to your family members that attended the Carlisle Indian School as she did also, graduating in 1905. All i know is that her mother passed and her father (Juan A Jacquez) couldn’t take care of the children so they were sent to the Carlisle Indian School. My g-grandmother married and raised her family in Durango, CO. If any of this rings even a tiny bell please reply. We have been looking for my g-grandmothers siblings for many years. Many thanks!

  11. Hi. I am an Ashworth, and ran across your blog post. Would you happen to have anymore info on the Ashworths? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi, if you are on Facebook, there is a group dedicated to Ashworth searching. A very nice person runs it by the name of Verna…she’s an expert at Ashworth family. Which part of the Ashworth family are you from?

      1. Which part? I have no idea. I never knew that side of the family until I found out that my stepdad wasn’t my dad, and I was in fact an Ashworth. My father, Chester Jay, Jr, passed away about 2 years ago. I didn’t know anyone on that side, still really don’t. My uncle, Archie, just passed away last year. I have been told we are related to William and Aaron from SETX/SWLA. Lots of family members are buried at Good Hope in Singer, or so I’ve been told. I am digging on Ancestry and everything to figure out it, though. Thanks so much 🙂

      2. Hi, can you tell me what the website on Facebook is? I’d look to look into it. Thanks again 🙂

  12. I think we should put you in touch with Verna. She is the expert at Ashworth family. I am a Ashworth but that hasn’t been my sole research topic. So, if you would give me an email address or if you will email it to me at yabennett02@yahoo.com I can put you in touch with her. She may be able to help you locate your line

  13. Hi, I’m a Jaques descendant in the UK, I traced us back to 1777 and always thought we might be french, some of our ancestors went to America, they send our family for boots during the second world war! If love to be in touch with any Jaques families i have great story and photos octoberinholland@gmail.com

  14. Hi Yvonne: My name is Scott Gerdes. I’m the special sections editor at The Taos News and am compiling info about Maria for our publication “Taos Woman.” What a tragic, interesting and ultimately happy life she had. I did track down a Taos descendant of hers who will be sharing what information he has on her. I know there aren’t any images of her, but I was wondering if I could use the one of her daughter Helene that you have on your site.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Scott…I found that on the Missouri Historical site and their post of it says you can use it without getting permission. There were quite a few things on their site. I’d love to read your news article after you are done if you can let me know when it is published! Thanks

  15. Dear Yvonne,
    I am a descendant of Maria Rosa Vidalpando and Jean Baptist Sale dit La Joie. I live in St Louis, Missouri and was thrilled last summer when I visited the new museum under the Arch and saw the display for Maria Rosa Vidalpando. I have done a bit of research here and her will is apparently at the Sappington House Museum Library in St Louis County.
    Someday I hope to come to Taos to “look for my roots” in the west. I hope to find some of the information and see where Maria started her journey.

    All the best to you and thank you for keeping this blog.
    Adele Flanigan Johnson

    1. Hi Dellie,

      It is so nice to meet you. I am looking so forward to going to St. Louis myself lol so I know how you feel about traveling to Taos. I took my family two years ago and I was so glad we did. You will love it! We stopped at the area near where MRV’s father, Pablo Villalpando’s Estancia was located. Enjoy~

  16. Hello,

    I’m researching an old cemetery that’s in our back pasture. It dates back to 1870s and I believe that a Ben Marshall is buried there. One of the readable stones is John Leader died 1883. It’s located on section 15 township 12n range 12e Creek Nation, allotted to Hettie Derrisaw daughter of Sam Checote. It’s close to the fence of the allotment of Robert Bruner who mentions it in his interview for his allotment. He also mentioned Al Grounds (white man) living there with a Seminole wife before allotment. Alice Marshall Grayson talks about it in her interview of 1937. I think she was a little confused about it but she says her father is buried there. She is a Pioneer of this small community known as Tiger Flats home of Moty Tiger. I also read the Adkins interview that said Ben Marshall and company stopped I’m a descendent of the Donathan’s. See interview of 1937 Dan Donathan. I grew up with the Creek Burgess Families. Please let me know if any of this connects to your research.

  17. Part of my commitment was lost.
    Ben Marshall stopped south of Okmulgee at the mouth of the Deep Fork. That is the area I’m researching! Alice Marshall Grayson’s father was Tip B Marshall born 1851 IT. The pictures of him on Ancestry shows one eye is blind.
    I have much more information and maps of the allotment land with names on them. I also have a community history written by Betty Tiger Miller in 2004 that includes a lot of information about the old families.
    Thanks, Julie Vance
    Email jgvance@hotmail.com

  18. I am an eighth generation descendant of Maria Rosa and Jean Baptist Sale dit La Joie. I live in St Louis, MO and have heard these stories since my childhood. I have recently been working to gather all the pieces of my heritage to leave a record for my children and grandchildren.
    My daughter was married at the “Old Cathedral” in St Louis by the Gateway Arch in 2008. We have lovely photos from the church.
    My parents are buried at Calvary Cemetary in the plot with Helen Le Roux d’Esneval Lafferty and descendants of Marie Angelique Le Roux d’Esneval Primm ( my ancestress) . I have enjoyed reading your webpage and would be glad to share photo with you.
    Thanks, Adele Flanigan Johnson

    1. Hi Adele, I am so happy to hear from you. I’d love to see the pictures. You can email me at yabennett02@yahoo.com and I can post them here. I hope to get to St Louis in the next couple of years. I love that you are leaving what you know for your family…that is so important. Thanks again for reaching out~Happy Friday!

  19. Hello, I am also a descendant of Jose Julian Jaquez and Maria Raphaela Pacheco. Their daughter Maria Dolores Jaquez married Pablo RIvera whose daughter was Maria Margarita De Costona Rivera. Margarita Rivera was married to Antonio De Jesus Lopez. These two are my ggg grandparents and they settled in La Garita Colorado in the mid 1800’s.

  20. Hi looks like my dads DNA is a jacquez line Juan Joseph Jacques 1735?? I’m stuck and don’t where else to go. Is this of any relation to you? Don’t know if this is the same Person
    Thank you in advance

      1. Actually yes, I did my fathers through both. On FTDNA I got several matches one direct to
        Hiram Joel Jacques
        Gil Jaquez,a.d 1600, Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico and to Jimmy Jacques
        Juan Joseph Jacques 1735 and 1
        Steve Duran Jacquez. I just don’t know where to go from here as we have always beem told of a rumor that my grandmother had an affair with a Jacques and well after DNA results turns out to be true. I have been unable find a link or a Cloe enough match to find out exactly who my grandfather was. My grandmother was from Sonora yet my father is about 76% per DNA from Spain. Any help would be appreciated as my father is 87 and still alive. Thanks again

  21. Hi, my name is Stephanie Ann Morgan Woodward. I’ve been researching about my great, great, great, great grandmother Sarah Ashworth who was first married to Aaron Drake. They had a daughter Narcisus Drake ( my great, great, great grandmother) before their relationship was done before Sarah went on to meet and marry Richard Atkins. I love seeing your info because it has enlightened info that I nor my remaining relatives didn’t know! How do I communicate more with you?

    Sincerely, Stephanie

    1. Hi Stephanie, the Sarah Ashworth that you descend from is a different Sarah Ashworth, although certainly related. There are about five Sarah Ashworths in different lines. I only know because of the Drake part (i’m not directly linked to him) but if you go on Ancestry, there are lots of good info. Search for Aaron Drake then you will find your Sarah Ashworth. Happy searching!

  22. Hello Yvonne,

    I am a fifth time great grand daughter of Maria Rosa Villalpando and Jean Baptiste Salle dit LaJoie. I am descended from their daughter Helene LeRoux. I was raised in St Louis and my father told me and my siblings about our family history and reminded us that we were 8th generation St Louisans. In careful study of the available records in the last couple of years I realize that my parents are buried beside Helene LeRoux ( Maria Rosa’s daughter) at Calvary Cemetery. My siblings and I are working on getting a new grave stone for Helene’s final resting spot.
    I have recently spoken with Mark Redohl who I understand is descended from Lambert Salle dit LaJoie another of Maria Rosa’s children. Mark suggested I touch base with you to find your information on our mutual ancestors.

    Adele (Dellie) Flanigan Johnson

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