Bennett Family in the 1970’s


The 1970’s is the decade where the Bennett children go from young kids to teens. I wouldn’t care to experience all four kids as teens at the same time. The year Paul turned 13, Anita would have turned 15, Mary 17 and Carol 19.

Anita, Maxine, Paul and Mary on the occasion of Maxine and Lloyd’s 20th Wedding Anniversary…and she still fit in her dress lol
Lloyd and Maxine, 1974
Anita, Mary, Carol, Maxine and Paul
Mary and Carol, Christmas morning
Mary and Carol, roller skating

Maxine went to work at Village Oaks in Lincoln Unified School District, as the Resource Teacher. She worked there for a long time.

Lloyd continued working at Karl Holt Youth Correctional Facility with the State of California.

Paul with his “boss” 45 record and cool rocket ship cake

In approximately 1976, Lloyd arranged for he and Paul to have a mini-boys only-vacation together. They flew from Stockton to San Francisco. This was the first time Paul had ever flown on a plane. If you’ve ever taken that flight, you know that as soon as you are in the air, you are landing within fifteen minutes. While in the air, there is an arc flight pattern. Paul was so excited.

They spent the day at Fisherman’s Wharf, then Lloyd bought them tickets to Alcatraz. They saw where Al Capone’s cell was and were locked up inside it. This is one of Paul’s fondest memories of his father.

Paul on the trip to Alcatraz
In front of the Capone cell.
Spending time in the City
Beach outing

Lloyd and Maxine took their children to the ocean a lot. They loved it. Often, they’d pack a lunch and make a trip out of it. Lloyd loved to sleep on the sand. It was a great family outing for them.


Christmas morning, Maxine, Carol, Grandpa Bill, Grandma Bea, Anita, Mary
1970’s, Bea, Maxine Lloyd, Anita, Carol
Someone thought the “Gene Simmons from Kiss” trick of putting gasoline in your mouth and lighting it as you spit it out was too cool not to try…and it didn’t work out so well for this guy
Paul shot up all at once. Here he is with Chuck, Carol, Mary, Anita and Maxine. He went from being a little boy to a teen

When Mary was 18, she married and subsequently had Ricky Brent Lamb in 1977. He was a first grandchild for Lloyd and Maxine and he was very doted on, by the entire family.

Brent and Maxine

The Bennetts loved Christmas. Lloyd was a very thoughtful gift giver, taking time to make sure he purchased just the right item, just what his child would appreciate most. I loved the description of the kids laying in front of the fireplace. Lloyd was famous for making clam dip. It was a staple on Christmas Eve. He also made Crab Louie’s for the entire family. Now, if you weren’t inclined to eat crab (that would be me) he was always willing to substitute out the crab for whatever you thought you would like. Didn’t like avocados? Not a problem, he made sure everything was just perfect for his entire family. He loved to make homemade ice cream. It was always a great treat. In fact, they kept ice cream in the freezer most of the time and cookies in the kitchen drawer.


Maxine would grind her own wheat to make homemade bread. Paul wasn’t fond of homemade bread sandwiches at school as kids made fun of him for not having white bread. Anytime there was shopping to be done, Lloyd would take the kids to J.C. Penneys, taking time to make sure each child picked just what they wanted.

Paul giving Brent a ride on the swing





As the 1970’s drew to a close, the Bennett family found that they had expanded by three, Rick Lamb, Chuck Allen and Brent Lamb. They had more expanding to do in the 1980’s.

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