A Short Respite

Sorry for the long delay in this post. The kids are back in school, a regular routine back in place, boy bands have been watched and my exercise schedule have all contributed to my time crunch. However, research always continues to capture my thoughts, even when I don’t get to post.

Follow up on Jose Ramon Jaquez

Jose Ramon is a full brother to Juan N. Jaquez (my great-grandfather) and we are so fortunate that Lisa Barrett has shared some of the pictures she has of her ancestors.


I had a copy of this picture already on the disc that Tommy gave me, but I didn’t know who they were. It turns out it was a great picture of Jose Ramon and his wife Trinidad Munoz.


Seated: Ramon Jaquez holding his grandson Eugenio Jaquez, Jose Eusequio Jaquez, Trinidad Munoz-Jaquez

Standing: Severino Jaquez, Francisquita Jaquez-Jaquez, Longino Jaquez

This is such a nice picture of Ramon Jaquez’ family.


Trinidad Jaquez with her young daughter Trinny who passed away at the age of 16 along with the baby on her lap, Eugenio,  who is Lisa Barrett’s grandfather.


Longino Jaquez and Francisquita’s wedding photograph, September 2, 1914. He is the son of Ramon Jaquez.


The young lady on the far left is Francisquita Jaquez, teaching school in El Rito, NM.

Upcoming posts

I am working on a Benjamin Marshall post (the Native American). I am working on a post on three families that had some American Revolutionary ties including the Goads, Dillards, Cox (Cocks), and Shockley families. All three families are related to the Burgess clan. I am also working on a future post about my mother in law’s family line, the Bailey family.I am doing all of this while I continue to research how all of our Jaquez family ties include a Lujan and how they relate to each other.


If anyone has a question or comment, please feel free to contact me here or on my email address at


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