Jacques Questions, Answers and More Questions – 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks


I went to a funeral a couple of weeks ago for an aunt of mine. Now, I know people who are jumping up to say, “Well, she wasn’t really your aunt.” We know. But she was. Aunt Flora was such a kind hearted woman and I saw her a lot. Yes, she and dad were actually first cousins. In fact, they were double first cousins. They were raised to treat each other as family. So, I took my girls, Taylor and Hailey, and together with my sister Jackie we went to the rosary. If my dad were here, he would’ve gone, so we went.

We had the opportunity to meet some people that we didn’t really know. We (Jackie) randomly started talking to the people in the pew behind us. There were three women sitting together and when Jackie introduced herself, they immediately said, “Are you related to Sam Jacques?” We laughed and said, ” Nope, don’t know who that is.”

As soon as I got home, my cousin Bobby wrote to me, “Do you know who Sam Jacques is?”

It was a pattern. Whenever you would ask my dad how someone was related, he would explain it if he could but if not, he’d just say, “They just are.” Yes, the same answer I give my children.

So, without further ado, let’s figure it out.

First, I went on Facebook and friend-ed a woman by the name of Janie Jacques. I had seen her name a bit on Facebook but wasn’t sure who she was. Then, I asked her how she was related. She said that her husband was Leroy Jacques and that his parents were Sam and Vera Jacques. That still didn’t ring any bells for me but I thanked her and said I would have to look into it. She also said Sam Jacques’ parents were Leonardo and Pablita Jacques. I was thinking that this new information would make sense to me but it did not. However, the name Leonardo sounded like it was a name I had seen before, but I really couldn’t have pinpointed where.

Next, I went to my Ancestry.com account. Someone said to me that we have more access to information than we ever have had in the past because of the internet and she was right. The medium has allowed us to instantly access thousands of records that our parents never could have dreamed of, right at our fingertips. I know my cousin Tommy had elaborate charts of people but sometimes it is easier to do the research yourself because then you can digest the information and really make a connection to whom you are researching.

First I started searching for a Leonardo Jacques. I found a couple of leads for a Leonardo born in 1884 in Colorado. There was a lot of jumping back and forth between New Mexico and Colorado by Jacques and Archuleta families back in the day so I figured I was headed in the right direction. Then I combined the name Leonardo with his birth date and came up with a Jose Ynes (Inez) Jacques (born in 1838), as his father, and a Maria de Los Angeles Roybal as his mother. That still didn’t mean anything to me, but I thought I had seen the name at one point.

Now, when I asked Janie Jacques if Leonardo was a brother to Juan N. (my thought) she said she didn’t know but thought there was an Alfred, Rosita, Anastasia, Georganio and a Franciquitos. Now that was interesting.

I found a 1910 Census listing for Leonardo Jaquez in Blanco, NM. He is married to Paulita Jaquez and his son is named Jose V. Jaquez. Leonardo is 26 years old, which would put his date of birth at about 1884. That seems about right.

Just looking at my tree, I do find a Leonardo who seems to be born in 1884 to Jose Eusequio Jaquez and Antonia De La Luz Ortega. Perhaps we are on the right track? Not positive. However, what was throwing me off were the names she gave me: Alfred, Rosita, Anastasia, Georganio, and Franciquitos.

My tree shows siblings for a Leonardo that include Alfredo, Remigio, Margarita, Enrique, Antonia, Patricio, Jose, Maria Francisca, Brigido, Entero, and Pedro. Well, that doesn’t  match up exactly but sounds close.

So then I started searching again, and this time I found a Gorgonio Jaquez. Now, I thought that seemed very close to what Janie had given me. This time, I found his parents were Jose Inez Jaquez and Maria de Los Angeles Ruybal. This list of siblings for Gorgonio Jaquez included Concepcion, Manuel, Juan Pablo, Clara, Anastacita, Carlota, Leonardo, and Lucia.

That Leonardo was born in 1905. So this might be the right line. Jose Inez Jaquez is the child of Felipe de Jesus Jaquez and Maria Manuela Bustos.

Head hurting yet? Mine is.

This weekend, I will pull out my information from Tommy Martinez and see if I can’t get us a better answer. It does seem likely that Jose Inez Jaquez and Maria Roybal were probably the parents and Jose Inez a son of Felipe de Jesus Jaquez.

Always more questions.

Also at this funeral, I spoke to the gentleman in the pew behind me. He said that their father was a friend of Pete Lujan and that he had worked in the mines with him. They lived in Durango, Colorado and that their father’s name was Salomon Quintana. This gentleman, too, asked if we were related to Sam Jaquez. Wow, really? Crazy family!


2 thoughts on “Jacques Questions, Answers and More Questions – 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks

  1. I have some family info and pics. Valentin Archuleta was my father. Uncle Sal was in the Merchant Marines. I think Uncle Archie was in the Army. I was in the Air Force. Lindy (DeeJo’s daughter) was also in the Air Force. I am working on a Family Tree. I don’t have all of Yvonnes’s family. Please get in touch with me!

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