Juan Nepomuceno Jacquez – 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks


Juan Nepomuceno Jaquez was born on April 6th, 1856 in San Pedro County, Colorado to Jose Eusequio Jacquez and Maria Francisca Vigil.

daddy and Juan NThis is a great picture of my daddy, sitting in front of Juan Nepo’s headstone.  My dad made a special trip to the cemetery to see his grandfather’s grave, and I love that dad’s cigars are firmly in his pocket, a fresh cigar in his hand. I think my dad’s strong sense of family pride came from his grandfather.

Ha, I’ve digressed.


Juan N (Dad called him Juan N) was born in Colorado but by 1880 was living in Blumfield, New Mexico, in the Rio Arriba area. He was 26, his bride Ana Maria Lujan was 19, and they had a one year old daughter, Sara.


juan n 2

This is such a great picture of the Jaquez family. Here is Ana Marie Lujan, Juan N. (young lady between them is labeled as a servant) then the baby in her lap is my Great Aunt Celia, the little boy in the middle is Great Uncle Onofre and the little girl on Juan N’s lap is Great Aunt Lucy.  The notes at the bottom show this photograph was taken in approximately 1899.

Juan N. ancestors

This is his ancestry: His father is Jose Eusequio Jaquez, Grandfather Felipe de Jesus Jaquez, Great Grandfather Jose Julian Jaquez (son of  Maria Rosa Villalpando in my previous post).

While Juan was born in Colorado, on the 1860 Census we find him in Culebra, Taos, New Mexico Territory. His father is listed as Jose Eusequio Jaques, age 31, mother Francisca Vigil 28, and siblings Victoria Jaques, age 5, Juan Nepi Jaques, age 4, and Josefa Jaques, 9 months old.  His father is listed as a farmer.

In 1875 he married Ana Maria Lujan in San Pedro de Culebra, Costilla Parish, Colorado, USA. There seemed to be a lot of travel between New Mexico and Colorado and that was a tradition that continued for many years.


According to the Territory of New Mexico Report of the Secretary of New Mexico, the State Representatives for Rio Arriba County in 1907 were Diego Archuleta and Juan N. Jaques. Not the first time you will see those two names, Archuleta and Jaques, linked.


This picture hung in my dad’s home for years and is now hung in my living room.

In 1925 Juan N. and Ana Maria celebrated 50 years of marriage.


I think I love this picture the best. He looks so proud, so proper, and so pleased with themselves, as if we have been let in on a secret. His occupation is always listed as farmer and yet in these pictures they are dressed in their Sunday best, ready for their close ups. What a great looking family.




Look at this big bunch of grand kids he has, too. Everyone wanting to get in the picture.

381Names are written around this picture, by I assume my cousin Tommy, looks like Juan N. is seated on the tail end of a pick up, surrounded by more grandchildren.

jacques family This is one of the most recent photographs I have featuring Juan N. I love this picture. It looks like it is from Aunt Dorothy’s wedding. They were married January 14, 1939. In the center, wearing a flower corsage, is Aunt Dorothy, holding her hand is Uncle Sam. Just behind him is my dad, behind my dad is Uncle Ernest (look at Aunt Elsie’s face directly between Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Sam). Next to Aunt Dorothy is Grandpa (Celestino) Jacques, then next is Grandma (Tonita) Jacques and next to her is Juan N. He came to California a lot, spending time with all of his children and grandchildren. Aunt Angie is at the top of the porch, Aunt Celia at the end of the porch, Aunt Della and Uncle Joe on the step above. Just behind Aunt Della is Uncle Eppie holding Perpie. Here is a different shot of the same day, more kids in the background.


This is another great picture of Juan N. here with his son Celestino, Grandsons Ernest and Eppie and Great Grandsons Ernie and Frank.

Juan 2


Juan Nepomuceno died on May 29, 1943 in Denver, Colorado. This is what he left behind:

244This is only part of it, of course. This was taken at a Jacques-Jaquez-Jacquez family reunion in New Mexico.

I implore each of you, if you can, to ask your parents what they know of their history, where their parents came from, where they lived, who they loved and how they died. I promise you there are great stories buried in their history. Okay, I’m off my soapbox now.

21 thoughts on “Juan Nepomuceno Jacquez – 52 Ancestors/52 Weeks

  1. Prima, I loved your article. Our common ancestor Jose Julian Jaquez and Maria Paula Martin; my mother’s 4th great-grand parents. My branch is from Felipe de Jesus Primero Jacquez and Maria Micaela Duran y Chavez. Their daughter Manuela married Jose Juaquin Sierra, and their daughter (Maria dela Cruz Sierra) was the 2nd wife of Juan Jose Rael who were my mother’s g-grandparents. Their son, Juan Manuel Rael, born 20 Mar 1864 in Questa, NM. Feel free to contact me. Siempre, Juan

    1. Thank you so kindly! Great to hear from you…we certainly have a tangled family line! I always love hearing from cousins! I live in California so I sometimes feel so removed from NM and CO but connected at the same time

  2. Excellent story and pictures. It is great to se pictures of mi Tio Juan. Actually great, great Uncle Juan. I am descendant from his brother Jose Salome, who was my 2x great grandfather. Keep up the good work! Danny Jaques

    1. Hi Danny,
      Nice to meet you and I really appreciate your kind words. My dad really loved his grandfather and I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks again

  3. Margarita (Jaquez) Quintana was my great grandmother. My grandmother was Carmalita Quintana. My mother is Julia Margarita Gallegos. (born in Old San Acacio)

    1. So pleased to meet you. We have so many people on our tree that I have to go study it before I can get them all straight in my mind. However, Margarita was a sister to my Great-Grandfather Juan N. Jaquez. I have a picture of Margarita. I haven’t really delved into her family but if you wouldn’t mind sharing her family (spouse and kids) I would love to plug that in. My email address is yabennett02@yahoo.com

    2. Hi Daniel and Yvonne. Margarita (Jaquez) Quintana was my great grandmother. Her son was Henry Enrique Amadeo Quintana. My grandfather….and my dad is Henry Quintana. I would love info or pictures~

      1. Hi it is so nice to meet you. I will see if I have any other pictures. I still have several that I haven’t matched up yet. I have a cousin that is a Quintana that lives in California.

    3. Hi Darrell, I had to go look at my tree again. That always happens to me, we have so many family members that it is tough to keep track. I will look again at the pictures of Margarita…I knew she was Juan N’s sister but I had to double check. As I get more info, I will post it.


  4. I just enlarged the photo of the Jacquez reunion and spotted my Uncle Ruben and Aunt Benny…how neat is that! And all of that huge family that I don’t know. Thanks

  5. Hi! stumbled upon this as I was researching my own family. I’m the great granddaughter of Juan Augustin Jaquez who married Maria Silveria Vasquez (a Pueblo Indian from NM.. their daughter Delfina Jaquez was sent to the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. She in turn married and down the line here I am! If any of this rings a bell would love to connect and find out more about the Jaquez family!

    Cheryl Gutierrez Sybel

  6. Hello , my name is Mishelle Jaquez and I’m the great granddaughter of Filaberto (Bert ) Jaquez . I just wanted to thank those who have done all of the research for the Jaquez family. I was so happy to have found this information . I have a photo copy of his student identification at Carlisle industrial school but that is all. After finding this I now know about my Father’s side. Thank you again!

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