That’s not my Ancestor – Sarah Ashworth AKA Sarah Smith AKA Sallie Adkins 52 Weeks/52 Ancestors

“The history that we share makes us who we are” Not my words, but those are the words of Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Harvard Professor and the host of Finding Your Roots. When I began researching my history, I had some preconceived notions about who I was, where my parents came from, their parents and so on, formed from stories and information shared over the years. After both my parents were gone, I was continuing my research when I came across information for one of my ancestors. As I have spoken a lot about Richard Adkins, it’s time to delve into his wife, Sallie Adkins.

One of the stories that was well known to me (as the article hung on our hallway at home for years) was a story of how my grandmother was set to become a millionaire at the tender age of 19. Big impact, right? How come we’re not millionaires, Grandma? My grandmother always said that they were duped out of the money by unscrupulous lawyers and people paid to say they were descendants of her great-grandfather, James Ashworth.

newspaper article flora

Flora’s great-uncle knocked on her door at midnight, about a month after she had married Charles Hardin, to tell her she was one of 21 people who had a right to share in money from an oil well. When I asked my grandma if she had gotten any money from it, she said she had received some, but not what they were supposed to. She said that her ancestor had gone by the name Smith and that lawyers brought forth a ton of people by the name Smith and that they ended up losing out on a lot of money. Now, my grandmother made a lot of money in her lifetime but she had done it the hard way, by old fashioned elbow grease. No heiress stuff for us.

While I was working on’s website, I came across information for the Ashworth family. I added it to my tree until I opened up the 1860 Census and found a listing for Sarah Ashworth. I started reading the contents of the Census, thrilled until I came to the part where it listed her race. The word Mulatto shocked me. What? Oh, that can’t possibly be my ancestor, I thought. I don’t understand why those people think this is my ancestor but they must be wrong. It’s a mistake, I said to myself, and promptly erased that information off my tree. After all, when Richard Adkins talked about his wife, he very plainly says he was married to a white woman. It was in his testimony. Willa Adkins, too, plainly testified that she was married to a white man (she was) and that her mother was a white woman.

About a month later, I came across a document that I couldn’t deny. Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (old term, I know) but it was the document showing who was included in the settlement for the Ashworth oil fortune.

Heirs of Henderson

There in big letters was Flora Burgess Hardin, Ovola Burgess, Henry Carter Burgess, Richard Adkins and Nat Adkins. Well, what do you know about that? Guess it was time to add her back onto my tree. I was so fortunate because once again, I found an ancestor with a crazy story and lots of press about it. People have used my ancestor’s story for the topic of a thesis on race relations of the 1850s. Well, there it is.

So, this ancestor, my Grandma Flora’s grandmother, Sallie Adkins, was born to a family who were considered Free People of Color in Orange County, Texas a time that was fraught with violence, hatred and outright racism. Because they lived on the border of Orange County, Texas and Calcasieu, Louisiana, the family slipped back and forth between the two states. If you have time, look up the Orange County wars. If you don’t, I will give you a modified version next week.

Sallie Adkins started out as Sarah Ashworth, daughter of Henderson Ashworth. While I don’t have all of the details, Henderson Ashworth was hung as an accessory to a crime in 1856. Four years later, his widow, Letitia Stewart Ashworth is living as a seamstress in Calcasieu, Louisiana and dies in 1860. Her mother Clarrissa Stewart also dies in 1860. Her child Mary Jane Ashworth dies in 1860. Her brother Martin dies in 1860. Sounds like a disease takes out a big portion of the family in 1860.

The only other person to reach adulthood is Sarah’s sister Hannah. Sarah Ashworth at one point becomes Sarah  Smith and by the time she marries Richard Adkins her name is Sallie Adkins. Impossible to tell if Richard Adkins knew of her background, knew of her family history.  They are married by a Chickasaw minister in 1873, she bears five children and in 1900 they are living in the Choctaw Nation. Her sister’s name is Hannah but in some documents she is named Joanna Smith. She also lived in the Choctaw Nation in 1900. It appears that the only two siblings left stayed in touch throughout their lives. Hannah was born the same year her father was hung as an accomplice to murder.

Sallie Ashworth Adkins dies in 1902.

Sallie Adkins headstone

I don’t have any pictures of her so I can’t judge for myself what race she might have been. But, what I do have is my blood. I had a DNA test completed about four months ago. This is what the results looked like:

Continent (Subcontinent) Population Percentage Margin of Error

Europe (Northeast European)




Native American (Central American)




Middle East

Palestinian, Jewish, Bedouin



So, I do know that Sallie Ashworth’s great grandmother was Keziah Dial/Dyle and that she was Native American. I wonder if the line that shows Palestinian or Bedouin could be attributed to her. I did find a picture of some of Henderson Ashworth’s nieces and nephews.


This is a quote from the same article:

“The Ashworths and the Johnsons, as well as others such as Perkins, Dials and Goins, were members of a Southwest Louisiana group known as <a href=””>Redbones</a&gt;. The Redbones are a dark-skinned people with European features who emigrated from the Pee Dee region of South Carolina to South Louisiana about 1810. The racial makeup of the Redbones is very controversial, and some assert that they have some African ancestry. It is almost certain that they are of primarily European origins with bloodlines heavily influenced by the American Indians of the Southeast United States.”

I think this is a great description, the best I have read. Sallie Adkins wasn’t forgotten, as my Aunt Jean named her daughter Sallie after her.  Gone, but not forgotten.
So, I did learn something from Sallie Adkins. I learned that sometimes we have to remove our prejudice and look at the information we find as a clue, not an absolute.
The quote and photograph were taken from a website

66 thoughts on “That’s not my Ancestor – Sarah Ashworth AKA Sarah Smith AKA Sallie Adkins 52 Weeks/52 Ancestors

  1. I am the grand- daughter of Ovala Burgess- Compton I would love to know more. My Grandma had four sons Bob, Paul, Charles, Fred Compton. My Uncle Bob and Paul have passed My Dad Fred and Uncle Charles are still living. Please send me information if you would love all papers.My name is Camile Lyn Compton -Woolever mail to 1430 Robin Lane Apt, B Carthage, Mo. 64836 or to my daughter Leslie Hawkins. I’m sorry do not do computers well. we have would love to know all My daughter Leslie has been doing this for years. Thank you, so very much.

    1. Hello dear, I am pleased to meet you. I know Leslie on facebook but haven’t had a chance to talk to you. I knew Bob very well, had lunch with him in Salt Lake City and he took me to the library with him back in the 1980’s to look at ancestry stuff. I am hoping to be in Oklahoma this summer for the Creek Indian festival in Muskogee. You can follow my blog if you like (about 50% of my stories will involve your ancestors lol) but if there is something you see that you would like a copy of, you feel free to let me know and I will make sure you receive it.

  2. Enjoyed your story about Sallie. I love learning more about the cousinsI had the opportunity of reading the William Winfree vs the Unknown Heirs of William Ashworth a few years. I also scanned a lot of it. I made a chart and traced the heirs back to William. There were close to a 150 and almost all do trace back to William. The other Smiths included in the suit were heirs of William through his daughter Catherine Ashworth. There was a large group of lawyers who received the same share as each heir did and were actually listed as heirs. Some of them received multiple shares. I am still trying to trace the few unknowns remaining.

    1. Thanks! It is such a interesting story and my grandmother Flora always said it was crooked lawyers who got the biggest claim to that fortune (which I can believe) and it makes it tough to try to figure out who and where everyone was and where they went. Glad you enjoyed this post!

      1. Until I read the actual lawsuit, I never knew why William Winfree was suing the unknown heirs of William Ashworth. Apparently, much of the Ashworth land was illegally taken from them in the 1850’s, and in the early 1920’s, the descendants of Luke Ashworth took up arms, stormed the old home place, and ran the oil field workers off the land. The “owner”, William Winfree, took the matter to court and, since the land had once belonged to William Ashworth, decided to sue all of his heirs to make sure he covered all bases. The heirs promptly filed a counter-suit demanding a share of the oil revenue. Many, but not all, of William’s heirs joined in the suit, giving us a valuable family history document and they won their suit. The only heirs of Henderson J Ashworth that I have been able to trace are Sarah and Hannah, but there were others mentioned: Mary E Rozor and Dol Rozor (can’t find them anywhere) and Belle Griffin (can find her, but can’t make the connection back to Henderson). There’s also a Buck Gleason – think he may be one of the lawyers, but can’t confirm it.

  3. Hi, I live in Canada, and Sallie (Sarah) Adkins was my great great grandmother. Rhichard Adkins my great great grandfather. Their Daughter Naomi was my grandmother. Sarah Adkins came to Alberta Canada with my Grandmother in 1908 but went back to Oklahoma because she couldn’t handle the cold weather. My Grandmother married Samuel Hooks and my father is Rhichard Hooks.

    1. Good morning Naomi,

      I am not sure it is the same family because our Sallie Adkins died in 1902 in Oklahoma and it doesn’t appear that she lived outside of the Texas/Oklahoma areas. Our Richard Adkins died in 1938 and they were married in about 1875. Does any of that sound familiar?

      1. Yes, it’s correct, Sallie came to Canada for 2 years with daughter Naomi. She has applied as freedmen and was accepted.

      2. Oh I see. She was a freedman. Now, I have done a lot of research on Richard Adkins. I think there were two Richard Adkins. If you look at all of the documentation the one Richard Adkins (that I believe is my Richard) could neither read nor write. He was also full blood Native American. Both of his parents were Creek. However, there is another Richard Adkins (I think they shared a father, both fathered my thomas Adkins). He was Native but rumored/proof that he had a son by a slave of African descent and that this is the Richard Adkins. If you go to fold 3 website and search by the name Richard Adkins you will find two different sets of Richard Adkins in Oklahoma, one who is a freedman and one who is Native American

      3. I forgot to mention that Sallie Adkins moved back to Oklahoma after 1 or 2 years because she couldn’t handle the cold weather in Canada.

  4. 1902 in Oklahoma. Did you Sallie live on and Indian reserve and apply with the
    dawes roll to be freed

    1. No she passed away in 1902. She had five children, only two of which reproduced. Her son was Nat Adkins…he was born in 1892 and her daughter Willa and she was born in 1875. They were only Native American, never applied for freedman as they were never slaves. But i do think both Richard Adkins came from the same father. On fold 3 I found a lot of info on the other Richard Adkins and there was testimony to the fact that Tom Adkins had a son who was a freed man but it wasn’t my Richard Adkins. Both descend from the same man, however.

  5. I’ve never seen any evidence of a daughter named Naomi for Richard and Sarah. Tell us more about your Naomi. Sarah said she had 5 children in 1900 and only 2 were living – they were both living with her. She was 47 in 1900 and seems unlikely they would have had a daughter after that.

    There wasn’t a Naomi included in the Winfree suit either and they did a good job of tracking down Sarah’s descendants for that.

    1. Verna, I believe there were two Richard Adkins. I have found a lot of evidence that the second Richard Adkins was a Freedman and that he had a lot of children. He could also read and write and our Richard is clearly listed as not being able to read and write on two separate census.

      1. The Rhichard Adkins I’m talking about,
        Rhichard Adkins 1852 – 1931
        Father = Thomas Adkins
        Mother = Nellie Marshal
        Creek By Blood
        Went by the name Lump Adkins

        Sarah Ashworth had 5 siblings and married Rhichard Adkins
        Father = Henderson Ashworth
        Mother = Letitia Stewart

      2. Hi Naomi,

        Maybe you can tell me about your ancestor and how you arrived at your info? I am trying to get a match with your info as far as Sallie (Sarah) Adkins but I am pretty sure she died in 1902 and doesn’t appear that she traveled outside of Oklahoma (that we’ve found so far) and most of my info comes from my grandmother. Tell me about the information that you’ve found? Thanks!

  6. Hi, I have a book that was written by an aunt to mine, and she mentioned Adkins. I wanted to know the first name. So I typed googled the name Naomi Adkins (My Grandmother) and the website Cunninghams of SW Nova Scotia came up. I thought it didn’t have anything to do with me until I scrolled down and found my Grandparents name and fathers and uncle and aunts names.

    1. Yvonne, can you tell me the names of Sarah’s 5 children because I only have 4? She said there were only 2 living in 1900 and that was Nat and Cerwilla. I have them plus Ella and Henry S.

      Naomi, who did Naomi Adkins marry, and when, and where?

      1. I was given three names by my grandmother about her mother’s family. She said that her aunt that had shot herself was named Sallie (had been named after herself, per my grandma.) My grandma’s mother Willa (yes, I, too have found documents listing her name as Cerwilla but my Grandmother called her Willa) and her brother Nat. An Adkins descendant went to the cemetery in Durant, Oklahoma and found the graves of Ella and Henry S. I don’t have any records with those names but also nothing to show they were not the children of Richard Adkins.


      Here is a census that lists Richard Nathanial hooks as just Nathanial. This is in 1926.

      Click to access 31228_4363984-00209.pdf

      This is in 1916 before he was born.

      This 1921 census shows him as Richard Nathanial.

      Neoma Atkins is listed in the Dawes roll #9810 card#3781 Creek Rural No. 9810 and there is birth records for her first, I believe 3 children? With my great grandfather Samuel Hooks listed as the father.

  7. Oh ok I, too, have seen that website but it is always important to have more than one source. Do you have any records? Census? Birth/Death certificates? So your grandmother was Naomi Adkins and can you tell me when she was born? and Where? I will be glad to look too. When I am searching for information, I usually have a pretty good idea of what I am looking at because it is family information and then when I find the document to back it up (the 1900 census, for example, lists Richard Adkins, Sallie Adkins, Willa Adkins (my grandmother’s mother) and Nat Adkins. That’s it. Sallie was born in about 1856 and at 1900 would make her 44. Do you have anything like that?

    1. My grandmother Naomi Adkins born 1863 to 1965. I don’t know where she was born but when she came to Canada in 1910 she lived in Arkansas Oklahoma. Her Husband was Samuel Hooks. Her Father was Rhichard Adkins 1851 to 1931. Her Mother was Born Sarah Ashworth) Married Sarah Adkins 1850 – 1920. My Father Rhichard Hooks 1918 to 1994 was Naomi Adkins (Hooks) daughter. I know she had information wrong on the Cunningham’s website because she said that my father Rhichard Hooks died in British Columbia when in fact he died in Edmonton Alberta. I was at the Veterans Hospital just before he died and went to his funeral. Also gave the eulogy at his funeral.

  8. Hi I don’t have any census records, because i live in Canada its hard to get any of that. My grandmother Naomi Adkins about 1883 – 1965. I never met her. I was raised in foster care and met my father and other aunts and uncles before they died. When my grandmother and grandfather came to Canada they never kept in touch with the rest of the family down in the states. (Mail service and traveling took longer in those days).

  9. Okay let me work on this tomorrow. I will see what I can find for you. Part of the problem is that the website you found for Cunninghams of SW Nova Scotia is a fine website but I noticed errors on her site and she used my blog as her reference. However, I can access census records so I will be glad to look and see if we can get this straightened out. Why do you think Richard Adkins was a Freedman? Because again, I have found evidence of two different Richard Adkins and that if you read all of the documentation there is talk of a Richard Adkins who is a Freedman but it is different Richard Adkins. I think that may be your link. However, I am more than happy to look. Do you have a birth date in 1883 for Naomi? Any other information for her that you were able to verify?

  10. Naomi Adkins 1883 – 1965 Appeared on the 1895 omitted roll in Arkansas town (Oklahoma). I appreciate what your doing. I see you have 2 Richard Adkins, how ever the information I am finding is so close to what you have including his tomb stone.

    1. Sallie (Sarah) Ashworth was married to Richard Adkins in 1873 and their daughter LuWilla was born in 1875 in Durant, Oklahoma. LuWilla married Henry Carter Burgess in 1901, had my grandmother, Flora Burgess in 1902, her sister Ovola in 1905 and Luwilla sadly died in 1910. You can read one of the blog posts about Flora Burgess Hardin and it details a lot of her early life

  11. Name: Neoma Hooks
    Age in 1910: 23
    Birth Year: abt 1887
    Birthplace: Missouri
    Home in 1910: Tiger, Okmulgee, Oklahoma
    Race: Indian (Native American)
    Gender: Female
    Relation to Head of House: Wife
    Marital Status: Married
    Spouse’s Name: Sam Hooks
    Father’s Birthplace: Missouri
    Mother’s Birthplace: Missouri
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Sam Hooks 25
    Neoma Hooks 23
    Virgie Hooks 5
    Ellis Hooks 3
    Elwar Hooks 1

    This is a census from the Cunningham website that she says is Naomi Adkins Hooks. Sarah Ashworth was born in Texas, not Missouri, so I don’t think she can be Naomi’s mother. This site has 15 children for Richard and Sarah – they only had 5. She has Cerwilla and Nathaniel – the only 2 that really seem to have belonged to Richard and Sarah.

    1. The Naomi Hooks (Neoma) was my biological grandmother. Rhichard Nathanial Hooks being my grandfather. I am named after Naomi (Adkins) Hooks

  12. one thing I noticed on this web site is that she use the word alternately a lot, so make me wonder where a lot of the information came from

    1. I just didn’t like when I saw that she used my blog as her source because she doesn’t know me…I could know nothing (i know lots, but you know what I mean). Documentation that backs up a source is so important

      1. I’m so sorry that she used your blog so much without actually knowing. I’m hoping that I can actually find out some information because it would be nice to know at least a bit of my ancestry. I’m under the impression that our grandparents memory an be a bit off.

  13. thank you Verna. Naomi, Verna is a dedicated researcher who verifies everything with documentation. I will continue searching myself (can’t do it until this weekend but I will do so.)

  14. I am a direct descendant of Hannah Ashworth who married my g-g-g grandpa A.D. Pollock, I have several pictures of Hannah and maybe some of her sis, I’ll have to check ’cause their so old and brittle I keep them sealed from deterioration.

    1. Nick, how exciting! I’d love to see the photos. I guess the sister you mention was Sarah Ashworth Adkins? Did you ever hear mention of Orlanda Belle Smith Griffin in the family? She would have been either a sister of Hannah or a niece. We’re trying to figure out which. Hannah and Sarah had several siblings we can’t trace. Also, did you ever hear of Adolphus/Dol Ashworth Rozor, Mary Bailey Rozor, and Buck Gleason. We’re thinking Dol was a son of one of Hannah’s brothers; Mary was his mother, and Buck was his brother-in-law. His father, who might have been Hannah’s brother, is unknown. Would like to know where the name Rozor came from – all the other family members used Smith.

  15. Hi Nick,

    We would love to see your pictures. You can always email me directly at and I will post them here. Also, I am working on Belle Griffen to see if she is a sister to Hannah and Sara. As soon as I get that death certificate, I will put it up as well. So glad to hear from you

  16. I am looking for more information on keziah dial who married an ashworth thank you in advance

    1. Good morning,

      I have not done a lot of research into Keziah Dial other than what I had posted but I know of a group who does a lot of research on the Ashworth line. How are you related? I can get you in touch with this group on facebook who are all researchers of the Ashworth line. They may be able to help

      1. That’s great. Tell me which line (your ancestry) is so I can introduce you to the group. It is on facebook and there are a lot of people that belong to this group. You may find real help there.


      2. James ashworth and keziah dial who had moses ashworth he married anna bunch and they had martha ann ashworth who married reason perkins they had mary jane perkins who married joseph Calhoun and they had Myslianne Calhoun who married william charnell johnson and had drucilla johnson who married mack johnson who had almond johnson amd then he had my grandfather..whew i hope that helped lol

      3. Tremendously lol I know how difficult the trail is. Okay I am going to write to a lady by the name of Verna at and let her know you would like to get in contact with anyone else who is researching Keziah Dial.


  17. Danyale,

    We know very little about Keziah Dyal. She was born about mid 1760’s – estimate based on when she had children (1786-1807). She married James Ashworth Sr who was probably the son of the James Ashworth who got the Royal Land Grant on the Little Pee Dee River in SC. James’ good friend, Joshua Perkins, stated that he had been born on the Little Pee Dee River in SC and he and James were close friends/relative. Circumstantial, but likely. NO EVIDENCE on James’ mother.

    We know that she had 9 children: Elizabeth Ashworth Nelson, James Ashworth Jr, Jesse Ashworth, Mary Polly Ashworth Perkins, William Ashworth, Sarah Ashworth Hayes, Moses Ashworth, Aaron Ashworth, and Tapley Abner Ashworth.

    Her name is given as Keziah on all documents she is mentioned in. (Some people call her Heziah or Hezekiah – never a source given-some misinterpret the K in her name on children’s marriage records as H, but careful study of the handwriting reveals it to be a K.)

    Sources for her are limited to a few marriage records of her children and the Elias Blount lawsuit Oct 1827 which shows that James had died between Oct 1826 and Oct 1827 (it stated that he had been a long time dead, so probably died end of 1826 or beginningj of 1827). The lawsuit also showed that she was still living and living near the Bayou Choupique near or with several of her children.

    It is believed that her parents were James Dyal and Elizabeth Hill based on proximity – they lived near her – and on the fact that Elizabeth mentions having daughters in her lawsuit against her sons for support – and on the fact that they had a son named Tapley and she named a son Tapley. Circumstantial, but likely.

    As for Martha Ann being a daughter of Moses and Anna Bunch Ashworth, that would be very unlikely. If you look at their census in 1830 and 1840, you will see that it looks as if they had 1 daughter only. However, the only document naming the heirs of Moses and Anna names 2 daughters for them: Melissa Ashworth Windham and Elvina Ashworth Carter. Since Moses and Anna died so young, they have been an easy target for placing Ashworths with unknown parents. A lot of new evidence has come to light in the last few years that has nailed down just who the 4 boys and 2 girls they had were. There is possibly another son.

    I have not done much research on who this Martha Ann Ashworth is, but would love to figure out where she belongs in the family – and belong she must! First of all, I’d like to know how we know she was an Ashworth. I can find no document stating that, so it must be family stories or records claiming that.

    At first glance, I tend to think that she belongs to the Old Moses Ashworth and his unknown wife. Old Moses was the brother of James Ashworth (the one who married Keziah Dyal). He had 4 or 5 daughters and only 1 has been positively identified so far, Mary Ann Ashworth Goodwin. She was living by her brother, Andrew Ashworth in 1850 – that is how we found her.

    Of James and Keziah’s sons: James Jr has a missing daughter, but she was born between 1830 and 1840 – no mention of Martha Ann’s heirs in Alice Jordan power of attorney which named the heirs of James Jr. She was not mentioned in the Winfree suit, so not William’s daughter. Jesse’s heirs are listed in a lawsuit and oil lease. Tapley Abner’s children are named in census, a family record, and a lawsuit. Aaron has probate and lawsuit records naming his heirs. And then, Moses has a document naming his heirs. All of James and Keziah’s sons’ children are pretty well accounted for.

    Which leaves these missing daughters of Moses and his unknown wife. He is found in 1800 census with James in SC, then had a daughter in 18teens in Ms, then 1820 in St Landry, 1830 in Claiborne Par, La. Some claim to have seen a record placing him Angelina Co, Tx at some time which is where his son, Andrew, lived from 1840’s till after Civil War when he moved to Elm Springs, Arkansas.

    Join us on our Facebook page – The Ashworth Network. Just search and ask to join. We have 2 descendants of old Moses on there; 1 from Andrew and 1 from Mary Ann. I will send an invite to my ancestry tree if you can send me your ancestry username or email address. You can message me on Facebook. Verna Thompson/Austin, Tx – but I really live in San Marcos now. My email is Would love to solve this mystery.


    1. Oh man that’s totally not what i wanted to hear lol my user name is danyale baker my email is of the information I mentioned i found on ancestry and googling and looking at a lotof websites..i did the ancestry dna and keziah dial and an ashworth i believe her husband came up in my new discoveries that we’re not already listed in my tree

  18. Danyale, can you send me an invite to your ancestry DNA profile. My username is Vernalt2 I’ll send an invite to my tree “The Ashworth Puzzle”. Just search for Moses Ashworth b. about 1775 to see the Old Moses and Moses Ashworth b. about 1799 to see Moses and Anna Bunch. There is a document attached to all members of that family outlining our research wherein we rearranged 2 of James and Keziah’s sons’ families. If you are closely related to Rachel Drake, look at James Ashworth Jr family.

      1. Yes, the 1799 one – that would be the Moses who married Anna Ashworth. Their children were Alexis Jackson Ashworth, Elvina Ashworth Carter, Drury Ashworth, Larkin Ashworth, Melissa Ashworth Romar Goins Letto Nelson Fork Windham, and John Moses Ashworth (AKA McWilliams). These are all proven, but there may have been another son.

      1. Thank you so much, I have some news y’all ma be very interested in, my family on my dad’s side live in Eunice and bassile Louisiana, and have there whole life……

  19. Hey my name is Raven Sayer, my father was Don Carlos Willis who recently passed and his fathers father was the famous first Baptist preacher Joseph Willis of Pitkin, la. I’ve researched that the Dials/Doyle’s, Perkins, Sweats, Nash, Ashworth, and Willis are redbone. My fathers first cousins are Ashworths. I’ve recently also learned of my DNA I sent off and I wasnt really shocked to find I am 15% African American. I would really like to meet you and find out more about our family if we are kin. Thankyou and have a lovely day!

  20. Sarah Sallie Ashworth was my great great grandmother. Her daughter, Neoma Nom Atkins was my great grandmother.


      this is the Creek Card where Richard and his son Nat were admitted to the Indian Nation. The only other person who had applied was his daughter LuWilla and she was denied. She was called later and told that if she moved back to OK she could get her land but she said no. I have all of the documentation for this and I am now a Creek citizen, a member of the Muskogee Creek Nation.

  21. Hello this is Raven again its been a long time bc I got locked out of my old FACEBOOK account that had all my research id ever had about my dads family the Willis’, Perkins, Thompson, Nash, Doyle/Dial, Cloud its a long story but I lost all my research but I can positively prove that Joseph Willis the first Louisiana Baptist preacher was in fact my 3rd GG.

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